Sustained Research Essay

The Internet “Underground” One thing that the average college student is an expert at doing is mindlessly surfing the web, whether it be catching up with (or stalking) friends on Facebook, posting a stream of life changing updates on twitter, watching funny YouTube sketches or videos of human-sounding goats, absorbing whole seasons of shows on […] “Best Of” Lists

Post 3 things that made the essay you read interesting, noteworthy, or valuable. What about the essay do you think users of Longform appreciated so much? The essay I chose to read was Molly Young’s “Sweatpants in Paradise”. I liked how the author introduced her article. Instead of giving us the dry definition of immersive retail, she […]

Paul Graham’s “The Age of the Essay”

5 sentences from Graham’s essay that I think are worth talking about in class on Monday: It’s no wonder if [essay writing] seems to the student a pointless exercise, because we’re now three steps removed from real work: the students are imitating English professors, who are imitating classical scholars, who are merely the inheritors of […]

“Presentation Zen” Strategies

The article I chose from Presentation Zen is “On the power of speech and telling your own story“.  This article discusses the Ignite formula for spoken presentations- “20 slides with each slide advancing automatically every 15 seconds”. It is crucial to simplify speech and eliminate the boring or unnecessary parts. The strategy that I can […]

Chapter 10 Clay Shirkey Reflection

Shirkey explains the idea of “lowering the cost of failure” with open source software projects being hosted for free on He goes on to point out that three quarters of the hosted projects haven’t even gotten a single download, the majority of open source projects fail. The ones with millions of users are extremely […]

Evan Rosen’s “Creating Collaboration Takes More than Technology”

Discuss how Rosen’s article points to the non-technological requirements that make your group collaboration more effective.  A non-technological requirement that will make our group collaboration more effective is culture. Evan Rosen makes a good point in his article- technology only gives us the tools for collaboration, it will not happen in a competitive environment with hierarchical positions. […]

Applying Clay Shirky to Group Project

There are several ideas/points from “Here Comes Everybody” that can apply to our collaborative group  project which includes me, Gina Contreras, Angela Valecce, and Joseph Jacovino. “to clip an article and share it with a group, you would have to copy it first, adding a step and thus reducing the attractiveness of sending it in the first […]