“Presentation Zen” Strategies

The article I chose from Presentation Zen is “On the power of speech and telling your own story“.  This article discusses the Ignite formula for spoken presentations- “20 slides with each slide advancing automatically every 15 seconds”. It is crucial to simplify speech and eliminate the boring or unnecessary parts. The strategy that I can take away from this is planning what I’m going to say before I make any slides. Then after I know exactly what I am going to say, I will make my Prezi slides based off that. I believe this order is much easier, I do not want to be staring at a slide with a few pictures on it and try to figure out what to say to fill up the time. Our group mutually decided that we will write out a full transcript of what we are going to say, time it to make sure everything takes up 20 minutes, and only then will we create our Prezi presentation.

It it crucial that the audience remains interested and on their toes during the entirety of our presentation. We don’t want to throw facts at them, we have had enough of those experiences during lectures in which the professor just “talks at us” the whole entire time. I will engage my audience by forming my speech around the layout of a story with an exposition, conflict, and resolution. The main artist I decided to talk about is Candy Chang, who is the creator of the original Before I Die wall in New Orleans. After word of her wall got out on social media, similar walls began springing up all over the world. Since my audience can learn about the details later if they are interested (like her artistic history and education), I will only focus on the most crucial and important parts. This will be the inspiration behind WHY she created her wall, WHERE is was located, WHEN it was made, HOW she made it, and HOW the word got out about it. I will keep in mind to tell my audience WHY they should care about the objective of our project: since we live in the 21st century, anything and everything can be discovered online, even talent. The internet is a great way to land jobs or spread the world about something you are working on. Because I will be keeping this point in mind, the audience will feel a connection to what I am talking about.

According to the article, the most important part of a speech is having an interest and passion about what you are taking about. The audience can easily pick up whether the person is talking to fill up time about something they couldn’t care less about, and a person actively discussing their topic, wanting to instill the same passion about it into the audience. This is why I chose to discuss my favorite artist, Candy Chang. Hopefully my interest in her work and what she stands for will be picked up by my classmates.


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