Applying Clay Shirky to Group Project

There are several ideas/points from “Here Comes Everybody” that can apply to our collaborative group  project which includes me, Gina Contreras, Angela Valecce, and Joseph Jacovino.

  • “to clip an article and share it with a group, you would have to copy it first, adding a step and thus reducing the attractiveness of sending it in the first place” (Shirkey, 148)

How this applies to us:

Our group will be using our Facebook group to communicate, Zotero to share our individual sources, and GoogleDocs to share and the articles we have written. This form of communication will be much easier because it’s instant.

  • Email is free, instant, and is not affected by the location of the sender/receiver. “These advantages help account for the incredible successes of email as a medium for group conversation, relative to all previous attempts” (Shirkey 157). 

How this applies to us:

It will be easy, quick, and free for our group to communicate when we’re not physically present next to each other. This will aid us in asking each other questions and finding out the answers fairly quickly, and also in the designation of articles/jobs for the collaborative project.

  • “Social tools don’t create collective action- they merely remove the obstacles to it” (Shirkey, 159).

How this applies to us:

All of the means of communication that we’ll be using won’t create our project, they will just be the tools that we’ll use to complete our task in an efficient and least-stressful manner.


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