Longshot Magazine and TK Zine

Longshot Magazine-

Longshot Magazine was created from scratch over a 48 hour period. The first 24 hours is used to accept submissions, and the last 24 hours is used to select submissions, edit, and format them. This project required the collaboration between writers, editors, photographers, film makers, and programmers. This large-scale group effort was possible due to the internet. A loose theme for all submissions was provided, the theme for the 3rd Longshot Magazine was debt.  The finished result was released as a PDF ($1), a 60-page glossy magazine ($25), or a tablet version ($?).

TK Zine- 

This project started up at Syracuse University and was inspired by Longshot Magazine. This project was also created in 48 hours by Caitlin Dewey and Kuan Luo as their last project before graduation. The theme for the first issue was In Between, and Access for the second.

These two publications are great examples of of new publishing and authorship- they use social media to let others know of their project and find contributors. These projects work great as time-sensitive collaborative efforts.There is a huge variety in the type and style of the writings, which is something that wouldn’t have been possible for one person.

Time-sensitivity is an important factor, just take a look at the lengthy process for books and magazines. Books can be in the development stage for years, and most magazines are published either monthly or weekly. The 48-hour writing, editing, formatting, and publishing window of Longshot and TK Zine is only possible with the fast collaboration  between all involved parties. This type of collaboration has become popular fairly recently with the widespread use of social media. Facebook and twitter were used to release quick updates, GoogleDocs so simultaneously edit articles, SubMishMash to collect submissions from people all over the country, and Tumblr to post all of the submissions that were not included in the magazine.


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