Evan Rosen’s “Creating Collaboration Takes More than Technology”

Discuss how Rosen’s article points to the non-technological requirements that make your group collaboration more effective.  A non-technological requirement that will make our group collaboration more effective is culture. Evan Rosen makes a good point in his article- technology only gives us the tools for collaboration, it will not happen in a competitive environment with hierarchical positions. […]

Applying Clay Shirky to Group Project

There are several ideas/points from “Here Comes Everybody” that can apply to our collaborative group  project which includes me, Gina Contreras, Angela Valecce, and Joseph Jacovino. “to clip an article and share it with a group, you would have to copy it first, adding a step and thus reducing the attractiveness of sending it in the first […]

Longshot Magazine and TK Zine

Longshot Magazine- Longshot Magazine was created from scratch over a 48 hour period. The first 24 hours is used to accept submissions, and the last 24 hours is used to select submissions, edit, and format them. This project required the collaboration between writers, editors, photographers, film makers, and programmers. This large-scale group effort was possible due […]

Chapter 2 Clay Skirkey Reflection

How do the conditions that Shirkey describes in his first 2 chapters apply to a project like Wikipedia?  In chapter 2 of “Here Comes Everybody”, Clay Shirkey says that “we haven’t been able to get organization without organizations; the former seems to imply the latter” (29). In other words, in order to organize people, information, or ideas, there […]